for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!

I have a dream

Long printed in the history of man kind, a word used by most of us. “I have a dream!”. We dream of houses on coastal beaches, and spacious backyards that can fit our children and probably our grand children’s children. A court yard where we can boast of our family traditions. A dining table, a swimming pool.

We always have those dreams where we build our fictional future. Some reach to the extent where they’d dream of a owning a ferrari when they can’t buy the next toyota echo line. Some other’s dream of living on an island where there is not a soul. As extravagant as it sounds, some guys even dream of a land where there is no men… only women. Most of these dreams are future based i.e. how they want their future to be.

Our dreams are rich on unaffordable materialistic content. When other’s can’t even afford to dream.

I have a dream

I have a dream


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