for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!

its an urban revolution!

The United Arab Emirates has proven to the world that the ‘urban dream’ isn’t just an infatuation; its a reality that has been placed within the borders of this country; and still going on, regardless of the international economical fall. So, I sat back today and thought about it for a while, I studied it deeply and realized what is missing. 

palm-islandThe Palm Island. Three artificial islands in the shape of palm trees will shelter nearly 500 apartments, 2 000 villas, 25 hotels and 200 shops of luxury.  Palm Jumeirah, the most advanced, will be completed as of the end of 2005.  Hundred twenty-five kilometers of coast additional will be thus created.

the-worldThe World. With broad of Dubaï, nearly 300 artificial islands, seen sky will form a planisphere.  If you want to acquire one of these islands, it will cost some to you between 6,2 to 36,7 million dollars.  Work of fill, already begun, should be completed at the end of 2005.

dubai-waterfrontThe Dubai Waterfront. Advancing on water of the Gulf, this whole of islands in the shape of crescent will extend on 81 square kilometres.  Becoming the greatest sea front in the world, it détrône thus the island from Manhattan in New York.


The Old Town. It is the final district of the building site located at the foot of the tower Burj Dubai.  This great real complex will include the highest tower of the world, the greatest shopping centre of the world as well as a gigantic residential district.

hydropolisThe Hydropolis. Entirely assembled in Germany, this underwater hotel will be immersed with broad of Dubai at the end of 2006.  It will comprise 220 continuations whose panoramic windows will give on sea-beds.  The price of a room for the night would rise with 500 dollars.

burj-dubaiThe Burj Dubai. This phenomenal tower from which construction began last January and will end in 2008 should reach the 800 meters height.  The building, built in three parts around a central column, finishes in spiral.  It will count 160 stages.

madinat-al-arabThe Madinat Al Arab. Here the representation of the one of the districts of the future greater sea front in the world, Dubai Waterfront.  This sight accounts for the architectural ambition and the spectacular development of real constructions with Dubaï.


The Dubai Sports City. This immense sporting complex of 7.5 km² will accomodate sports such as the cricket, the golf, Rugby, football, the sports of ground, track, and interior (tennis shoe, handball, volley ball).  Hotels, residences and villas are also envisaged.

The poverty 


I rest my case….



  Scott Sarria wrote @

Hey Iris,
I stumbled upon your blog via and am very pleased. Your article about Dubai really touched me. I think you have placed the issue in the front of the window, and hopefully people can see it now. So many problems in our world, and yet the “Norm” is to look the other way and pursue riches, fame, and prosperity; all while the real world crumbles. Such was the state of Rome ,and Greece. Look where they ended up.
Keep writting, I enjoy your blog and will add it into my blog-roll.

  iris! wrote @

Hey scott,

I’m more glad than shocked to see you here, my blog was mostly kept between me and my friends and imported to facebook notes. I guess alphainvention is a good invention after all.

I’m happy that you didn’t constraint your comment to dubai by its self.. its the entire world of glamour that sugar coat’s the identity of the “real” world’ or turns it into a whole waffle open buffet with any desired topping on the house, anything to deviate your attention.

I’m not really against the development of unnatural reconstructions, urban projects, or the expansion of a country’s income through visual trade over traditional trade; i’m all up with it… its a season where everybody is simply selling words and numbers. But everyone is going on a gold rush, forgetting who they really are, backstabbing friends for cash, leaving their parents behind. Then again, you said it yourself… “will you be left behind”… this is main fear everyone has…. there is so much more to it than what the article actually says…. the big gap of projects is left for everyone to fill in the blanks.

Thank you for your time in reading my blog… I couldn’t tell where your blog is at…

iris! – Hani Al Beik

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