for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!











break the silence… its your turn….













break the silence… its your turn..

No one can break the silence unless its the people involved in causing it.

Alas, my life has gone quiet. No backstabbing, no hurting, no aggressive activities, no social life, no intimacy or someone to ask what is wrong. I’m on my own… with no one beside me to tell me what to do, or to worry about how or what i do.

I’m waking up in the morning, after my 15 minutes nap. and i realize that everything is quiet. my parents would’ve have left by then. I get up, take my shower and get ready for work. When i’m Just about head out, i walk by the kitchen and see the coffee label. I step back and prepare a cup for my self and chill in the living room while i smoke my first cigarette of the day.

I get up and walk out to the side of the road and wait for a cab to stop for me. Usually i end up having a conversation with the driver. We talk about the most common issues; his family back home, the inflation, different events happening in the city, but mostly, these topics tunnel in to where the traffic jams are.

I see my office building and prepare my self mentally to go through another round of work, where all the excitement of working on big projects just seem to be overwhelming, but the truth is, they aren’t as big as they seem. Simple jobs for the simple mind. Its pretty quiet over there as well. Everything is running smoothly these days. So smooth, that i don’t even need to talk to my colleagues about anything.

By the end of the day, i get all exhausted and my face pales out and becomes gloomy and then i start to hallucinate, or at least thats my colleagues like to call it. I chill out while riding back home when i it feels that sleep has gone too far with playing with my brains. But as soon as i reach home, i shower up, grab a bite and head straight to bed. Usually right before i do that, i switch on my mixers and play a mix session that either me or some other DJ has prepared while i smoke a cigarette; helps me to sleep. Not anymore.

I’m liking the silence. I’m hoping its stays longer.

While i lie down in bed, eyes shut. Mind is blank, and all i can see is weird shapes floating in a dark space. They are just random shapes that play in your subconscious when your eyes are closed. These shapes, sometimes create sounds in your head that animate it even more, these sounds are even quiet; they are just in the back of my head.

Time goes by whether slow or fast, while i watch these shapes transform in to other shapes and fuse through n abnormal palette of colors. The variant contrasts keeps me entertained. Every time a show ends, it ends because my eyelids open up. I lift my self up and i sit back. I light up a cigarette and smoke my way through silence. When i’m done, i lie in bed again, close my eyes, and watch the show, till the next stop.

By the end of the night, the silence becomes more intense and the show becomes more extravagant that it drifts me away from where i can still notice my surroundings. I start fading off to sleep. and just when my body and mind lets go of the world my body shivers and brings me back. That would be my 15 minutes nap.

I’m liking the silence. They say silence is only the beginning of a storm.. sometimes.. its the end of a storm, where there is nothing left; nothing at all, just ruins and silence……


















break the silence… its your turn….



  Anonymous wrote @

lov u loveless!!!! Big hugs comin ur way! xxx

  iris! wrote @

thanks b! 🙂

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