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The Sound of Reason – Palestine

Close my eyes tonight
My conscience by my side
It’s hard to live this life
Where truth begins with lies

So I won’t sleep… I will stay awake
Cause if I dream… they will/then they’ll take their claim
Oh I try… oh I try to fight
To stay awake tonight
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine… always on my mind

Truth is where desire ends
A meaning to an end
I search myself all the time
To change what’s in my mind

So I won’t sleep… I will stay awake
Cause if I dream… they will/then they’ll take their claim
Oh I try… oh I try to fight
To stay awake tonight
Palestine, Palestine, Palestine… always on my mind

I can’t find peace cause it’s hard to release what we’ve done
What we could be if we’d only see what we’ve become
It’s unbelievable it’s undeniable ohhhh!
I want free, won’t sleep, won’t dream, won’t eat, won’t breathe
Won’t give in to what’s building inside of me

(Guitar solo)

Close my eyes tonight
My conscience by my side


Progressive House – TriSession CD1 is OUT


Dear readers,

I just had to do this here… I am very excited about this… and i’m sure if you appreciate music… you’ll be excited to what i might have for you… I have released one of my TriSession CD’s that i was working on for a while now… its a selection of what i’d like to think off as, the best of 2008. Would Greatly appreciate your feedback on this! 

So tune into my site…

and if you like what you hear… join me at my facebook page and group and help promote a talent, thats if you’d have that opinion of me.

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Appreciate all your efforts.. 🙂 Merry Christmas and Happy new year!

Dj iris!

If cats lived longer


Took my time today trying to figuring out how to access youtube… since we’ve been having problems with it in the UAE. Incidentally, i came across a website that would give the same service…. So i started browsing through, trying to see if there is a possibility for this website to replace youtube.

Talking CatsFree videos are just a click away

Talking Cat 1 

The Singing Cat!

Talking Cat 2 

Talking Cats 3!

in my opinion, i think if cats had a longer life span like 200 or something, they’d be living like us…. or at least come up with staggering idea’s to amuse us… how little do we know, right?

iris! – my eyes

We walk through the gardens
summer dust and crimson skies
hands held by the moment
stars that light our deeds aligned

in the morning the sun will shine
while the dusk hides the moon aside…
but the silhouette of your face will remain
burned within the flesh of my eyes

We talk till the dawn comes
wasn’t a moment of truth nor lie
as the dark falls on me
when the sun just sneaks by


Will i bid the words you want to hear
Will i play the sounds in my head to tear
Will i stay inside this wall till i die
free me from my own resented eyes. 

in the morning the sun will shine 
while the dusk hides the moon aside… 
but the silhouette of your face will remain
burned within the flesh of my eyes

The insignigicant other

Many times i have come across this scenario, where something goes wrong in my life and i realize that all my real friends have left me behind. I’m sure it happened to everyone of us, and i’m not the one to nag or brag, but still, i’d never do that to anyone on my side.

In the worst case scenario, they all say they will be there, and that they will lift you up from rock bottom, but now the time is here… so i call on you people, and wait for you.. where are you…. no where… not even a proof that you even existed in this phase.

Fortunately, god never forgets anyone, it took long from him to respond, but it got here. He sent me an example, a story, I sat down with a person that had the same problems if not worse or less. I was able at my scenario from the outside… (which what i usually do when i’m in trouble, but this time it was too hard for me to compile and process through my near-to-rust mind); but that story saved me the trouble and just showed me a verbal explanation of what i was going through.

Me, being the friendly one, I sat the guy down closer to me, and heard my story over and over again, till i decided what the best solution would be… and shared it with him. He did leave the table happy, and content with his answers… He walked away.. without even a name.

Thank you.
The insignificant other.

iris! – sexual torque

For people who might find it hard to understand, believe, agree with; or even totally disregard such a concept, please bare with me. This is only one point of view to the main core of the “iris! the theory!”

While religions, civilizations and many other concepts of cultural and political organizations work to create a perception or awareness of a certain lifestyle, faith, belief or understanding; every resolution or statement that spins a certain topic has been differently declared. For example, the common-ship of right from wrong had its differences between these groups, the acceptance of a god and the history of a tribe; Except for one thing. Sex.

Every topic was spoken about to a certain extent, once the point was made, its not dwelled about anymore. Premarital sex always has this extended emphasis towards wether it is prohibited or allowed to certain social, political or religious groups. Why is that?

Lets ask our selves one question: What is the only humanly embodied natural way for a normal person to reach a stage euphoria… Sex. The human body produces the largest collections of hormones and chemicals that create a natural euphoric state; and yes, without the use of any other alien body, particle or element. Its by the naked existence of a couple regardless of there gender.

Its makes you think, If all these groups, including tribal cultures, have had such an emphasis on this human activity doesn’t it make you wonder?

The Torque: is the tendency of a force vector to rotate an object about a single axis. Just as a force is a push or a pull, a torque can be thought of as a twist.

Sexual: relating to the instincts, physiological processes, and activities connected with physical attraction or intimate physical contact between individuals.

Having these two words defined, I’m guessing that you still don not know what i am getting at. Well, lets take it at a different angle. Have you ever wondered what is the subconscious psychological force that pushes you to work, study, put food on the table, fight for your rights; etc…? is it really the fight for survival, that you want to live? why do we go out clubbing, dress up nicely, perfumes and gadgets? have you ever wondered why can’t you just walk out naked specially after not finding something to wear for the day? Aren’t we all materialistic to a certain extent? What is this materialism and what is it based on?

Think of the one scenario when you get a call from a girl who you are definitely attracted to. What happens to you? You shave, shower and clean yourself, your house, cloths and style, aroma etc… excessive materialism. Why? We, humans, are spun from a fulcrum  that poses a sexual torque. It is the basic element that gives you a drive to anything and everything. I’m not saying that the only reason behind our existence is sexual intercourse, I’m just pointing out a subconscious fact that drives our activities. Then again, its only one point of view that I am discussing, there is more to come  an elaborate on.

Isn’t everything that we do drainable down to one hole of the single thought that we want to get laid? We all wanna f*@$ like rabbits… down the rabbit hole! Again, i’m not saying its a full conscious fact that is at the top of our head. But think of what happens when that thought arrives?

a 24 hour bracket

What starts in a certain way…. ends in the same exact way!… its the opening bracket and a closing bracket of a statement, a session, a period …. thats when you know it was good…. unforgettable, and worth the keep.

Regardless of how much i could say, I’m never gonna change my idea of wanting her back. but its just the fact that I am, alas, content. The open-door policy remains – come back whenever you want, if you’ll ever…