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David Guetta – Love is Gone (Edited)

I have taken the chance to edit the lyrics of this song to match a certain story in my head.

What am i supposed to do
After all that i’ve been through
When did everything that felt so right goes wrong?
Now that the love is gone

There is so much left to prove
Now you still deny this simple truth
Can’t find the reason to keep from holding on
Now that the love is gone

In every love story there is a start and an end, the start is the most beautiful and the most memorable moment in it even after the end. The end is more of a variety; death, hate, cheating, loss, boredom.. it could be anything. Towards the end, the truth is hardly told.

The irony is.. they looked perfect; they presented idealism in a relationship; the girls around them were jealous of what she had, and the guys were envious of what he got. Yet, the fine line of differentiation was yet to be explored.

They say closure is the best end of a relationship… and understanding… a realistic point of view in the given scenario, Not a walk around the mall or a despicable approach of a breakup, how can that be closure. Everyone was… and still is… in shock.. specially when it reaches to breaking other peoples body parts and belongings because they have offended the loved ones. 

Ok, wait, i’m going ahead of my self here.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes things aren’t as perfect as they seem all the time. People don’t end up being as honest as they should be. Forgiveness can be a given word for something he has done a while back, and it doesn’t mean that he really was forgiven. The repercussions are enormous.

She was everything he wanted in a woman. Spontaneous, caring, ambitious, loving.. yet with one fatal flaw… she wasn’t in-love with him. He thought he was doing everything a man was supposed to do. He was sweet, supportive, caring, spontaneous, and loving.. if not more. He though they were perfect together but for reasons that he isn’t, till this day, sure of; things changed. He could tell in her eyes that the “love” was gone, and even though she kept reassuring him that everything is ok, that they are great; things didn’t feel right. All the beautiful feelings of eye contact felt wrong, all the thoughts of staying close to one another felt like a felony; it wasn’t him, it was her who made him feel that way. 

It didn’t stop him from fighting for the person that he was with, it didn’t stop him from standing on an edge of a curve and hold on with knees off the edge. He tried, but his love wasn’t enough for her. 

Looking deeper into the story, you sort of think “what goes around, comes around”. Her previous relationship was a disaster. Its longer than i can explain in this post. But lets say she took all that anger out on him. poor guy, i think he walked in too early, tried to hold on so much, and choked her out of it. Then again, she never gave him the closure he needed, i don’t think she ever will.

He thinks to himself “what is a perfect relationship… i have X’s that tell me we were perfect… if that was true… then why aren’t we together anymore? why did u walk away? why did i? why didn’t i get the closure that i needed? why didn’t u? why are you always lying about the smallest things ever, and make me look like a fool when others tell me the truth? why can’t you just be honest and give back what you owe me… the respect i deserve… do you, at least have that much for me? actions speak more than talk… you said it all and did none of it? how do u think that makes me feel? react? or see things? and after all i’ve done.. you still treat me like trash? so how can i be your friend? if you have a good explanation for all of this… i’d like to see it after i hear it…”

Break up makes you loose control of everything specially if you really loved that person, you can’t be yourself anymore, you can’t act right, you can’t say things right… everything goes wrong… not because you want to… because you just can’t control it…. it takes time… a lot of time.. specially when…