for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!

The Lasting Smile!

Regardless of where you might go or come there is a certain point where you stand back and smile for some thought or memory that has just passed by and after you stop smiling you try to remember exactly what is it that made you smile. sheesh. its a fact alot of people have that moment. but sometimes the memory stays too long in your head that people ask you whats wrong. then you end smiling after they ask and you just answer saying “nothing”. That smile doesn’t even stay that long. Evidently you end up constraining to the idea that smiles don’t last.

Comming to thing of it, i don’t think its true. The everlasting smile is something that is not in your face or your gesture. its the smile that comes from your heart for the same reason at the same angle everyonce in a while even if its for just a millisecond or even if it was in the worst day in your life.

My identity is to establish the essence of brokerage an.. umm.. sorry im writing this in the office so just ignore that scentence.

“ANYWAYS” (shows how much i’m happy.. lol)

Its really the good memories that come back to you and its really the unleashed history that makes you smile, whether it is good or bad. At the end everyone has a lasting smile. even if it shows in your tears. Blindly, you will find out soon.



  Abdulrahman wrote @

Hey Hani, I never thought you’d end up writing one day! Lol!

Who am I? Abdulrahman? The dude that left for Malaysia and never been seen? Haha! Well good to hear more of you.

  vican wrote @

lol Abdul Rahman…. shababil 7ara… loool! … how u doing man… its been ages… FACEBOOK bro!!!

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