for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!

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What are we looking for!

Her i stand motionless, no professional degree, no broken tears, no purpose, no coated wisdom, no future, no loose nor win, no appetite for sleep or pleasure, no rejection to summer sault on rocks, no life.

MY DAY on a saturday!

Wake up when then sun has already freshened up and about to strike vertics of earth, about to be late to work. leave to where i stand unsecure to whether wheels are made out toteleport me or to take me at ease. As an aggitant catalyst, i curse till i find a cab.

Late for work, i walk in, hear my name out and a pinch of salt on a scar. Routine is killing me, graphics with limitations of having a clown on a paper instead of integrity, Light green with red and mauve for a text and a baby wearing shoes bigger than the picture. no way to exit that road, tush Hours is all through.

I leave work waiting to see more people but all they do is pass by me and whisper to each other, (and oh! i just wish that it was me they are talking about! maybe its insult but it wouldv’e meant something or had a purpose)

I reach home look at this device called the cellurar contactor (officially known as a mobile phone) and stare at it till the sun comes up (some times i wish i havn’t deleted those games on it).

when the sun has already freshened up and about to strike vertics of earth, I leave my home; about to be late to work.
and so on till the week end.

I sit at the end of a bar in cafe, and smoke my coffee and sip on my ciggarettes (for no money to buy coffee, i smoke the fumes from someone else, and no money to buy ciggarettes so i sip on them) and now and on and so till they close.

I walk back home with the same wishes as if i’m back from work.
I reach home, I weap my self to sleep.

My Month
Rushhour at work, depression at home, no friends to believe in, no smiles to be decieved by. I fall beyond the emperor of time. Hard work pays off. not to me, its payed to the others. never have I in the past three years I have spent a sallary on my self. it was always payed to someone else. I reward my self seeing others smiling at each other to smile at something becouse of me its done. And the smile was never towards me.

My Year!
One step ahead! One step to my fortune! One step for my Love! One Step for me to smile! Just One Step Up the long ladder!
What do i need more! Then i start of 10 steps lower again!
0 was an infinite value. now 0 is the only value i see.