for every human, comes a dream… nonetheless… its only a dream!

A date with a prostitute!

It was a live night in the club! I walked in at about 11:00PM to celebrate my friends graduation. New faces and figures whaere all around. Except for the time when i saw her walk in. She was the pretties of all, the most glamourous. I asked her for the dance of the night, the only dance i wanted to have, I felt like all the people where staring at me with ironic jelousy. Why would she want to dance with someone like me! why?

We ended up at the porch. I sat and talked to her for the last few hours of the party till it became about 3:00AM. She was very excited about the many different topics that we had going on. We had to get our “bags” packed for an after party. It wasn’t really an after party it was just a gatherup. and so she joined. At that point, my friends started taking me aside asking if i had enough money for this. “????????” WHAT??? enough money for what?! she comming over to gather up! Why do i need “Enough Money!” . I didn’t get it..

Anyways! I sat aside with her and talked slowly about everything. Untill She openned up and asked the question! “Do you know what do i do for a living?” a question i should’ve asked a long time back!

“A waitress?” – “no!” – “A Chef?!” – “No!” – “Sales” “Graphics” “Management?” – A Hostess…. NOO!!!…

She turned her face away and asked if i really didn’t know what is her job… i said no! i really had no expectations. Then she said it.. With a face not only read of embarassement! Yet before she said it, She asked of what do i expect from her. I answered an oath to friendship that may prosper to a serious envolvement!

Now that she said it i didn’t know what to think, for she was different than what i saw earlier!!
(sorry for the crapy version of this article its the netcafe that sucks! and their keyboards)!

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