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Delegates of Friendship! My apologies!

There are people who try to fix things between friends. Some take the right path, some don’t know what the hell are they doing. Sometimes people say things that are very different from what other people might be saying.

Three people, two of which had a misunderstanding, where included in this story. I will refer to them as the associates and the third party, respectively. The associates of this dilemma had a misunderstanding regarding a certain action one has taken infront of the other that was taken as an insulting action towards the other associate.

The third party always intrudes in trying to fix the misunderstanding. He goes to each one of them in separate altiudes listening to the different faces of the story. He will reach a point of confusion that he wont know who is saying the truth between them. After long quarrels and discussions, he will form enough confusion in both heads of the associates and the whole thing would flip against him and make them think that it was all his fault. The third party ends up saying that he tried to do good but then blamed and then starts taking it back on them. Then other third parties start including them selves, and everybody just starts hating each other because of one third party that didn’t know how to deal with things – The initiation of the third world war.

That is a true story!

My apologies thy delegates of friendship (the third party)! Next time you try to be nice. Try to be nice in something you know how to deal with! Its your fault to be honest. In my case all I do is drop the advice of fronting each other and sort it out together! Face it that’s the best and the fastest way!



  Anonymous wrote @

Well, can’t blame the 3rd party for trying 😉 Still, i had a similar experience when someone tried to fix things btw me and another person, and ended up making things worse…so ur right, unless they knows exactly what they’re doing, people shud mind their own business…Or say: u two need to face each other and fix things…piece of cake!

  Within Temptations wrote @

hehe! Well i never really included my self… it would’ve been a third party massacre again through me! hehe! I did laugh at their faces when they told me what happened each on a side. Coz its just weird how people just can’t handle things by them selves!

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