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The Stand!

Dear Diary,

I worked for a while in a stand selling digital cameras. I had to stay there for a continuous six hour after-noon shift. The brand I was dealing with was HP. I had to challenge the other brands on my sale.

I was standing there like an idiot surrounded by those bun-do people who spoke the weird-faulty-grammar-English language. I heard him talk to his first client and said: “I vant to cell you a wery gootteh camera. You see here. I take picture to see you camera fonk-shion.” This will be translated as: ” I would like to sell you a very good camera. Please look towards the camera so that I can show the functions of this camera.” Inside me I sigh: “This is going to be a loooong day”.

Anyways, my job was based on distributing flyers to passing people and to explaing the variety of services this camera offers. First person passes by takes the paper and looks it then looks back at me and says: “Thank you!” Then, they pass back the paper. ITS AFLYER FOR GODS SAKE!!!!! ITS FOR FREE TAKE IT! I said that out loud because that was what nearly everybody did. OMG.

Moreover, this guy comes to me and asks to see the camera. I stand up proudly attacking with my esteem to explain and to show the world that this camera is worth it. I talk I blabber, I show him, its like the entire HP company was founded by me. Then he just strikes a look at another camera a Vivitar camera that doesn’t even stand for what the HP camera gives with double the price and tells me I will buy that – He doesn’t even know what that camera does. “I vas werry shooked” = “I was very shocked”.

I had a few customers coming in with similar vibes. This time I told my self I will ask WHY? WHY THE F*** do you do this. Two customers came in after each other. One: fat huge guy with the ability to see as far as his nose according to the inspection glasses he was wearing.

I asked him why? He said, he was expecting it slimmer and with bigger LCD. WELL WHY DON’T YOU SLIM YOURSELF UP FIRST ANY GET LOST IN YOUR HANDS. AND WHY THE BIGGER LCD? YOU CANT SEE ANYWAYS.

Well the other customer was a girl with humongous b**bs. She said “I want one that looks much better in design something that suits a girl like me?” …. “Do you have any?”…. “I want it to take powerful pictures like seven megapixels maybe… “With a bit bigger LCD?”,,, “Excuse Me!” “Hello!” “HEY! MY FACE IS UP HERE!!!!” …. Then I just seem to feel like she vanished. What was up with her anyways.

That was the highlight of my job time. I left it so if you want to find me. you will find me in the other mall at the food court. Hehe! Really though!


Congrats SIS – you made it!

Dear Diary,

My sister just graduated! It was amazing how i saw her walking down the stairs with her gown and her robe. it was amazing how it felt when she got on that stage and sat with all the other graduates.

She got up and went to stage. and gave out a speach! it was the best time i ever heard her speak. i listened to her like i wouldn’t listen to anyone in this world. I was amazing how she went on stage and was handed her certificate and then the principle took the strand or strings from one side and placed it on the other as cerimonial confirmation that she has made it and graduated.

Sis, you got a whole new world up infront of you! i hope you don’t go throught the troubles i went through!

Then came the dinner party! YES! FOOD! OGA OGA! MAN MAKE FIRE! MAN MAKE FOOD! all this thinking of my sisters graduation did make me hungry! need i not say, THE BUFFET SUCKED! …. 150 dirhams for a crapy buffet! well, it doesn’t matter, i guess she liked it.

I was really astonnished when i saw my sister just standing there not having fun and joining them. I had to go through a whole hour of mood manipulation just to make her snap out of it and go crazy. hehe! i know thats weird. i’m very protective about my sister but i am less worried in that day coz it comes once in a lifetime! i wanted her to have fun. (in the background – i wanted to hit on girls…. beside the buffet! – deeper in the background – i went to the buffet – noone was their, no girls, YES, MORE FOOD! MU-HUHUHAHAHAHAHA!)

Hehe that was the high light of my day! we had fun… loads of fun! I just hoped my dad was their to see his daughter graduated. i don’t know how she felt about it! she didn’t talk about it!

Still Alive! Waitin My Time!